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New Blog Address

Posted by beckyspillowshop on July 21, 2014 at 5:05 PM Comments comments (0)

To see my most recent blog please go to

Spring 2013

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Spring is finally here, (I think) though some days it doesn't feel like it.  I had to crank up my furnace one day this week after turning it off for a week!   I apologize for not writing on my blog, but have  been very busy with lots of vendor events.  I have been  doing some events at Martinsburg Mall, including Christmas, Valentines, Easter & Mother's Day Craft Fairs.  I have started making lots of new items since my last blog, including Bible Covers, beach bags, & Tooth Fairy pillows!  I make the tooth fairy pillows all sizes , and the range in price from $2- $20!  Check out my web store and also my Etsy store: .  

Wouldn't Charles be proud of me now!  I know he was very proud of me when I first started  the business.  He liked the things that  I made, but I have learned to make a lot more things since he passed away.  It's hard to believe it's been almost 4 years.  On June 16, it will be 4 years since he died.  God has been faithful in helping me to deal with his loss, and all the trials that I have had since his death. I just thank God for the 10.5 years that God gave me with him, and will always remember his crazy sense of humor!  ;)

If you want to read more about Charles' death, go down to my blog dated in June 2009, called " God Knew Best"!  

Summer 2012

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I have been very busy this spring and summer going to vendor events almost every weekend. I started in April, and have been to 1st Saturdays, and a few other fund raiser events. At the end of June , I started going to a Craft & Farmer's Market in Stephens City, VA every Saturday. It is a little slow still, because it is a new market, but I am hoping it will pick up. I am really enjoying myself and have met a lot of nice people!

I have also started making some new items such as baby bibs, toddler & children's aprons, small pouches ( for cell phones or glasses), pillow cases, laundry bags, plastic bag holders, & am hoping to start on small denim backpacks. I recently got some fabric with Bible verses, and am planning to make handbags with the verses on the side of them.

I also have some specialty fabric that I can take custom orders on - Holly Hobby, 101 Dalmations, African safari, tiger print, Tweety Bird, & Disney princess. If interested in any of these, you can click on the contact me button or send a message on facebook.

For all of you football fans, I have WVU pillows, and Redskins pillows ! Go to my webstore for details.

Becky's Pillow Shop web site

Posted by beckyspillowshop on March 13, 2012 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (0)

I am really excited to introduce  the new Becky's pillow shop  web site with a new web address. ( )   I have 30 items my web store and can sell them online using paypal.  I have lots of decorative pillows to choose from with different themes whether you like sports, floral, patchwork , wildlife or kids character pillows.  I also have original designs on my  tote bags and handbags.  I have a few apronsof different sizes  and table runners of different lengths.  I am hoping to get more sales this way and currently have reduced prices on most items.  I am planning to be  a vendor downtown some this spring & summer with Main Street Martinsburg.  


WIth my new upgraded site, I have a facebook "like" button on every page, so if you like a page , click the like button. I am using Becky's pillow shop facebook page to advertise and trying to get 100 likes for my business.    I now have a video page where I am placing Christian music videos and also a new page called " Anointed Pillow Talk.  This is a page where I write short devotionals about different subjects. Unfortunately, there's no place for comments, but you can use the contact me if you want to comment.   I am very excited about all the new changes and anxious to see how God can use my site to glorify the Lord!

Summer 2011

Posted by beckyspillowshop on July 6, 2011 at 9:20 PM Comments comments (0)

June was a hard month for me because it was the 2 year anniversary of Charle's accident and death. However, God has been working in my life and it seems everywhere I turn, He has been revealing Himself to me and I am learning so much. Recently, I stumbled across a song on Facebook. It is an Addison Road song, called " Won't Let Me Go". Some of the words are:

"Welcome to my latest disaster, same book, just another chapter. I never thought it could be worse than last year, but here I am again today. I laugh cause it hurts when I scream. But I'll make it through cause I believe ... Then even though my heart breaks and everything's shaken, I'm left alone in the rain..... You won't , You won't , You won't let me go . When life's insane, and everything's crazy, You carry me through the pain, You won't You won't, You won't let me go.. . . . .

I decided this is my theme song!! It seems the last few years, that I have had one disaster" after another. But, through every storm, I knew God was there helping me through each one. He wouldn't let me go during the storms , and I know He won't let me go ever.   Jeremiah 29:11 says:    "  For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord.  " They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future an a hope."                           

  I am excited to see what  God has in store for my future.

Summer 2010

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It is hard to believe that it's been a year since Charles died, yet sometimes it seems like he's been gone a long time!  I am doing pretty well, everything considered, with the help of the Lord, and my supportive friends. However, it  is hard sometimes, especially on weekends, when I don't have anything special to do and  I am home alone, I get  lonely . I think about all my friends who are busy doing things with their families and I really miss Charles.  Anniversaries, birthdays and some holidays are hard as well, and I am just finishing up all the summer days.  June 2009, Charles had his accident and died, July 27,2010 would have been his 56th birthday, and Aug. 15 , Sunday,  would have been our 12th wedding anniversary! 

 Putting all that aside, I have been keeping very busy, trying to get my house fixed up.  I have remodeled both bathrooms, with new toilets, faucets, floors,hardware, and paint  and 1 has a new sink/vanity, and a new mirror. They were both done out of necessity , because the floors were rotting out under the carpet. ( I never liked carpet in the bathroom anyway.!)  I also have a new laminate floor in my bedroom, and I had the "lovely 70's green and blue shag carpet "  (LOL! ;) pulled up out of the dining room.There was hardwood floors underneath and now I have an area rug, and 4 new dining room chairs. Thanks to Jay, Gary, Ryan, Dale , and Nadine for  all their hard work in getting these projects done!   There's still a lot to be done, like painting most of the rooms  on the inside.

 I am getting ready to start teaching Kids on Mission again in Sept. I am getting excited about that .  I also have a total of 8 piano  students and am supposed to get 2 more when school starts!!  I'm hoping to have a recital again in the near future.

 Well, that's it for now. I will write again soon. 


Becky Wiggins  

God Knew Best

Posted by beckyspillowshop on June 27, 2009 at 9:18 PM Comments comments (10)

      I am not sure what to say .  I had declared this was going to be a better year, but it got worse than I could ever imagine.    In my last blog, I was praising God, because Charles was still alive after the accident, but I guess God had other plans.    On June 16, 2009 , Charles went to be with the Lord  while in The University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore.  He had had emergency surgery on his colon a few hours earlier & had come through the surgery OK.  After they brought him back to recovery, he went into cardiac arrest, & the doctors tried to recussitate  him for an hour, but were unable to do so.


It was truly a miracle that he even survived the accident at all , because according to the state trooper, Charles told him that the 2nd & 3rd tires rolled   over him.   Charles said that 2 men stopped to help and they stayed until the  paramedics got there.     But,  the paramedics said there was no one there when they arrived.  These 2 men that Charles could see & the paramedics could not see were evidently "angels"  helping him.  This gave Charles 13 more days on this earth & more time for us to spend together.   I remember very vividly that day at lunch,  praying for guardian angels to protect Charles & keep him safe while out on the road that day in his truck.  ( God answered my prayer, but not exactly the way I wanted Him to.) 


    Charles was in severe pain, probably more than you or I could ever imagine.  His pelvis was so  badly crushed, and I am not sure he would have ever fully recovered.  They could not give him enough pain medication to make it go away, just enough to ease it some.  It was hard seeing him suffer so, & I don't think he  could have  endured  all  the suffering he would have to go through to recover.   I guess God knew that & decided to relieve him .  I know that  Charles is no longer suffering  because he's in heaven where there is no sickness or pain.  Sometimes we don't understand why God, why would you allow this to happen to Charles?  We probably will never understand, but God knew & he had his reasons.  Charles loved the Lord , & it was evident to those whom Charles knew.   I pray that will leave a lasting impression on them and maybe help someone to come to know the Lord through the  life of  Charles.       


 The day before he died he had been in a wheel chair for the first time . That night I took him  a Get Well balloon, & a little Leap frog that had " Little Leaps' on the tag.  I told him now he would be taken "little leaps" from his bed to his wheel chair.  I think it just made his day because I saw a big grin on his face .  Now Charles is  taking "big leaps" of joy  with Jesus up in heaven. 


  I got used to him being gone a lot, but  when he was out on the road driving a truck,  he would always come back home.    This time he's not coming back home, but  I know that  he is in his eternal   home with Jesus.  There is a big hole in my heart &  I miss him terribly.   There will never be another Charles! He was one of a kind, funny, loving, devoted  husband,  and even  silly at times, but he kept me laughing & made life interesting.    I miss his silly jokes & comments, and his phone calls during the evenings while he was working &   even his chocolate  fingerprints on the refrigerator door ,and  his diesel smelling clothes.   I miss hearing him come in at 3:00 am,  from driving his truck . I would  always wake up & talk to him - 25 minutes later, we finally would decide we better get some sleep.  I have a lot of good memories of Charles in my heart, and for that I am very thankful. 


Becky's new hobby/self employment

Posted by beckyspillowshop on June 29, 2008 at 9:43 PM Comments comments (1)

My name is Becky Wiggins, and I am creating my website because I have started making decorative pillows, to decorate your home.  I am trying to be creative,and   I have made so many , I thought I would try to sell some of them. They make great gifts!   I recently had  breast cancer surgery back in November, and finished chemotherapy in March. My husband recently had a heart attack.  He was a truck driver, and so his company laid him off, so now he is unemployed.  I am trying to do what I can to make a little extra money to help pay medical bills and other bills.    I want to sell some of my pillows. There are pictures with prices of my pillows on this website.  I also teach piano lessons, and tutor kids that need extra help.  I am trying to get a few more students.  If you live in the Martinsburg, WV  area, and are interested , let me know.   Thanks. Becky Wiggins